Polished Plaster Services

Our company experience with Venetian polished plaster enables us to give the appropriate advice and direction needed during a project, and to consider the individual requirements of each client. Our renovations projects are mainly concentrated around the area of Greater London nevertheless we frequently undertake decorating projects throughout the UK. As a specialist company, a high standard of work is achieved through a close working relationship with the client.

A wide range of plaster samples are available to assist specification and pigments are used to create desired colour match. These original polished plasters are sometimes referred to by different terms depending on which area you are based in. The most common terms used today are Traditional Marmorino, Modern Marmorino, Stucco Grassello, Venetian Plaster, Marble Plaster, Stucco, Spatulato, Veneziano, Lucidato or Polished Plaster.